Top 5 solutions to boost your productivity

You are an entrepreneur and you want to give a boost to your activities. You feel like you never have enough hours in a day, and you don’t understand why you spend so much time on sometimes futile tasks. In the entrepreneurial adventure, everything is often just a question of organization. You must therefore perfect it to gain efficiency. Discover in this article our top 5 solutions to boost your productivity.

Notion, the tool for organized entrepreneurs

Notion is the tool currently in the mouths of all entrepreneurs. If you’re part of an entrepreneur network, you’ve probably heard it before. 

His goal ? Allow you to gain in organization. It offers many templates to meet your needs: creation of lists, tables, presentations… With Notion, you no longer risk losing your files. The huge advantage is that it allows you to consolidate all the information in one place. You can then organize them to find what you are looking for more easily.

It is possible to invite collaborators. This is perfect when several of you are working on the same project. It’s also a great thing for your customers who can see the progress of your work live.

For lovers of attractive visuals, you can completely customize your interface and your different pages.

Click’up, the alternative to Notion

In general, there are two schools: Notion or Click’up. If we are not at one, it is very likely that we have selected the other. The principle is the same, namely to gain organization by grouping your information in the same place.

Click’up is made more for people who don’t like starting from blank sheets and who need to be guided. It is a tool that is more intended for people accustomed to the organization in to-do-list. Finally, if you like personalization, you will have to favor Notion because Click’up offers few freedoms.

Payroll management software: for regulated payslips

As an entrepreneur, you may have employees. As you know, this involves a certain responsibility. This is broken down into tasks that you must perform, in addition to your work. You may sometimes feel like you are being slowed down by having to take care of the administrative aspect.

For example, payroll. It is difficult today to obtain a compliant payslip at a reasonable price. So it may be that in this situation you are wasting a lot of time. If having staff frees up your time, you may be disoriented to lose it in the production of payslips. 

Note that laws and regulations are changing at lightning speed on this subject, which is why you should not throw stones at yourself if you are having difficulty performing this task. To solve this problem and dedicate yourself to your area of ​​genius, you can create the payslip online on an up-to-date decrees site like

CANVA, your productivity and creativity booster

Canva is the tool that needs no introduction. It allows in no time to create nice visuals for your communication media. If it is the pet peeve of many graphic designers who protest that we can favor this tool for our creations, it remains an effective way to save time.

Indeed, it’s not a graphic designer, but Canva at least allows you to create something that is good enough to be broadcast. You may even taste it. It will save you some time and can also tickle your creativity.

Trello to organize between collaborators

If you are looking for a solution to boost your productivity, you have to try Trello. This tool is perfect for people who work in teams.

Indeed, with several people, a mission to carry out should take less time. But sometimes it’s more tedious. Indeed, poor communication, a lack of information and everything falls apart. It is therefore important to frame everything beforehand. However, even with a framework, we are not immune to withholding information.

To overcome this, meeting on a platform that allows us to discuss, send files and see the progress of each seems to be the best solution. Trello fulfills this task wonderfully. 

Trello will therefore be your ally in many collaborations, it can also be perfect for customer relations.

Being an entrepreneur means having to juggle between perpetual stress regarding your results and an often jagged organization. The latter does not allow you to have a productivity that meets your objectives. This is why it is necessary, from the outset, to adopt the right tools to gain in efficiency. Organization is the basis of everything, and it will allow you to be more serene and focused on your professional activities. 

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