7 sales strategies to attract and retain your customers

The survival of a commercial activity depends on a good technique of attracting customers. Profitability becomes evident when the company invests in customer acquisition and retention. On the one hand, the prospecting mechanism requires a concrete and coherent customer acquisition campaign. On the other hand, loyalty consists of consolidating the relationship with buyers following an advanced action plan. Discover below 7 effective strategies to attract and retain your customers.

What are customer prospecting and loyalty strategies?

Prospecting is defined as a mandatory process to launch the products of a commercial company. It also helps to increase profits and sales. Potential customers will be acquired through a solid prospecting plan. The sales and marketing teams are the first responsible for setting up a prospecting campaign calendar.

As for loyalty, it is an essential process for the company. A company’s customers need a close relationship to increase their loyalty to the establishment in question. This strategy also has an advantage over prospecting for new customers. Indeed, retaining customers costs less than recruiting them. Those more accustomed are likely to spend more. In addition, they will become the ambassadors of the products and especially of the brand of the company.

Seek to hit targets

Obtaining a contact base is important to actually describe potential customers. They can be identified from blogs as well as the social and professional networks of website visitors. Once the targets are known, you can consider a composite of the typical customer who can buy your products.

Next, a method of approach and communication should be chosen. Thanks to the digital evolution, sales techniques have been able to develop. Now, accurate and relevant customer messages can be delivered via email, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. To enhance the image of the company, it is possible to hire advertising professionals. These are, for example, influencers and community managers. In addition, the creation and redesign of the company’s showcase sites should also be reviewed. Offering new products will allow you to increase the number of your customers.

Work on prices

Cutting prices was always a better selling strategy. Do you want to encourage your customer to buy your products or take advantage of all the services available? A promotion is the right method to achieve this. Think of a quick destocking of all items to increase your turnover.

Trials and samples are also means to get closer to its targets. For this, sales professionals make available to visitors the products they can buy. Sometimes a free tasting allows consumers to discover the taste of your food product. In addition, the demonstration is also an open door to customers. Without proceeding to the purchase, they will know upstream the quality of your services and the specificity of your products.

Attraction by customer survey

Customer satisfaction surveys have always been successful in building customer loyalty. It is a question here of discovering the degree of their confidence. Their opinions are of capital importance for the advancement of the company and the updating of marketing approaches.

This technique also makes it possible to list the priorities of your company. From now on, you must focus your program on customer expectations. The survey allows the entire team of the company to make a self-assessment and the quality of services. In the long run, you will continually have permanently loyal customers.

Satisfaction questionnaires must be submitted on a regular basis. It’s up to you to define the best time to launch your assessment. Most companies accompany a purchase with a product inquiry. This is to assess the degree of post-purchase satisfaction of customers. You should also know that online questionnaires are also very practical.

Installation of local customer service

A local customer service makes it possible to represent the company in a defined city or region. Consider this approach technique to help customers easily access your products. Show your competitors that you are the best and that you manage to conquer targets in all the peripheries. In addition, effectively train sales teams to convince local customers.

This geographical approach can be reinforced by the proximity mechanism using digital tools. For example, you can set up a clear and simple showcase site. This gives Internet users the opportunity to be guided in their choice of your products.

In short, the proximity of relations with customers is very effective. The goal is then to establish a bond based on trust.

Personalization of customer relationships

A diversified offer attracts more customers. Thus, it is better to know the market trends. On the internet, you will find ideas for proposing an offer adapted to each category of your customers. A brand and a product that meet their needs certainly leads to loyalty.

Personalizing a customer approach consists in carrying out a communication based on emailing, voice messages or private ones. Calling out the name and address of your customers during the discussion makes them feel unique. By this strategy, you show them that you really care about them. In order to do this successfully, you need to have comprehensive, informative data of your customers’ experiences.

Customer relationship managers must demonstrate their skills and know-how in customizing products and services. Proactivity is therefore the first quality of these professionals. At the right time, they must choose to send a relevant message to the targets.

The reward and recognition

The technical reward is a way to encourage customers to reveal your products and services. As a result, they will become ambassadors for your brands. Thanks to word of mouth, your business will be known through this satisfied customer. A good recommendation allows potential buyers to know in advance the benefits of your products.

The reward results in the transfer of benefits to customers who are likely to acquire more. The classic example of “one bought, one offered” is very well known in this sense. After paying for a product or service, another will be offered for free by the company in order to boost the purchase.

Thanking customers for their choice is also very successful and appreciated in sales. You must encourage the proper formulation of your recognition. It should be sincere and unexpected so that customers feel its value.

Subscription Technique

In terms of customer retention, the subscription technique can be very effective. It keeps them loyal over the long term. This is a continuous renewal of contracts with the customer. In addition, the subscription allows the company to launch a colossal project. This technique goes hand in hand with the offer of privilege to buyers. Many strategies categorize customers according to their purchasing power. The premium subscription type, for example, offers certain service buyers and users various benefits.

Then, the free mechanism allows customers to benefit from the company’s products at any time. In addition, the advantages for buyers who pay more must be put in place. For example, the establishment of private clubs is widely practiced. Accessing a privileged network builds the loyalty of customers with the same common interests. They can benefit from a reduction together. Using the subscription technique in your sales strategy encourages you to ensure better value for money.

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