10 tips for finding clients and assignments for a freelancer

Prospecting is part of the activity of any freelancer. The web developer, the webmaster, the web editor, the graphic designer, etc. are all professions concerned. Finding clients in these areas is not easy. Therefore, an effective strategy is needed. Spotting missions also requires good preparation.

In order to perpetuate the missions, the ideal is to target the right client with an adequate offer. Here are 10 tips for doing just that.

Carry out a market study

A market study allows the freelancer to discover market trends. It is thus a means of evaluating the changes which occur in the activity. You will also have an idea of ​​the level and ability of the competitors thanks to this technique. A market study is important to renew your prospecting approach.

Analyze the needs of potential customers in order to find an adequate offer. This technique allows you to assess your skill. Then you can establish your customer portrait. Determine who you can market your service to. In addition, market research is a way to analyze the offers that you are going to offer to customers. This technique identifies trending services that your customer is looking for.

Register on freelance platforms

freelance platform is the place where service providers and potential clients meet. To ensure visibility on this tool, you must optimize your profile. Present yourself to the community with the ideal profile for your sector. For example, fill in the description of your activity in order to increase your audience. Taking care of your profile allows you to gain notoriety.

Then, show on the platform a professional photo that highlights your identity. Get visitors interested in your business. Talk about the benefits customers will get from working with you. A freelance platform also offers prospecting automation. This feature sets you apart from competitors.

Create a website

Having your own website is a guarantee of credibility and allows you to put yourself forward. It is a kind of showcase to expose your activity. There are many tools to create your own site. This is the case of WordPress which is the benchmark in this area.

Your website must include a presentation of your activity as well as your experience. Contacts and references are also to be inserted. Make sure you have the best design to capture the attention of future collaborators. It is also necessary to master SEO on the Web. This will guarantee you a lot of traffic.

Use social networks

Most freelancers get jobs from social media. Indeed, the use of LinkedIn makes it possible to communicate on your expertise and to connect you directly to potential prospects. Likewise, a business account on Facebook connects you with potential customers. Groups specialized in a specific field are also a channel for finding missions.

Moreover, mastering the concept of social-selling becomes inseparable from social networks. Indeed, it is necessary to display a good presentation of its activity and its profile. This method ensures visibility across all communities.

Canvassing by e-mailing

Email marketing is a tool used by freelancers in prospecting. To get your business off to a good start, it is important to find the right addresses. Then, amplifying the contact list ensures a variety of potential customers. In addition, a relationship of trust is formed when you maintain good communication with your audience. This is one of the benefits of email marketing.

In addition, customer segmentation makes it possible to target the right people at the right time with a relevant message. Indeed, an automation and then a personalization of emails reinforce the quality of your offers. You can ask for feedback on your service to improve your work.

Join a professional network

Every freelancer needs to communicate with their peers. In fact, community should not be confused with competition. You can trade with other people doing the same job. For this, there are various forums such as dating, platforms and fairs. Attending these events is good for your business. Indeed, you can find some offers there.

Exchanges between freelancers inform you about working methods. In addition, you can ask an expert to explain to you the means to find clients and missions. Sharing sessions are important. They provide a source of inspiration and motivation. You will find that finding your first client is not always easy.

Create and improve portfolios

A portfolio is a kind of advertisement for your business. In order to stand out in the business, every freelancer must have one. This is the best way to present your activity. The creation of a portfolio is done on a website. To simplify the work, ready-made sites are effective. You have to find the fast, simple and professional platform that guarantees a good result.

A portfolio has various elements to attract clients. Indeed, it highlights your competence and experience. The presence of a portfolio also reinforces the visibility of your online activity. You put forward all the visual means to persuade the targets.

Work for free (to start)

Setting the prices for your services requires a coherent freelance strategy. Pricing can be tricky when starting out. Some freelancers decide to work for free to attract clients. They create content for the public without expecting compensation. For example, web writers write texts and put them on a site for free to publicize their names.

An unpaid service makes it possible to acquire the first experiences as a freelancer. For some clients, free work by a freelancer can gauge their motivation. This offer means that the service provider really wants to engage in his activity. He wants to build a relationship of trust and a professional network. The satisfied customer can subsequently order a paid service.

Find partners

Working with another freelancer is also a way to find a job. Indeed, you can associate your activity with another similar one. It is a means of creating new services. For example, a web designer may work with a multimedia developer to create a website. For efficient production, they collaborate with a webmaster and a web integrator.

Working independently does not mean cutting yourself off from all communication with those around you. On the contrary, collaboration with individuals and professionals is important. You should maintain contact with your family members, neighbors and friends. Show them that you are a freelancer in this or that field. They can help you find a mission related to your activity.

Train yourself continuously

Being competent in your field is not enough in freelancing. You have to train day by day. Your level must evolve with market requirements. Adapting your offer to demand requires in-depth knowledge. To do this, constantly study the needs of customers. Customer feedback is very important for a freelancer. You must constantly ensure the quality of your service.

In addition, various platforms offer advanced training for freelancers. They offer them a support service to help them find jobs. Coaching sessions are about getting better at work. Sharing with experts also helps to better determine its targets. From this, you will better know how to define your offer.

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